PDR for Entrepreneurs

+SAI offers proven PDR Training programs for individuals.
+Specialized training and business planning with proven marketing methods.
+Training, equipment, and specific coaching with the entrepreneur in mind.

Dealer In House PDR Programs

+Slashing recon costs, monetizing the drive and dent warranties sold
thru F & I.
+Keeping the recon spend in house for more opportunities just makes sense
(Just ask Penkse Automotive with their Rapid Recon program)

PDR for Bodyshops

+SAI brings profitable PDR in-house for bodyshops.
+Benefits include hail repair, blend panels, damaged parts, upselling dent removal in aluminum and rust prone panels
+Big Insurance is now requiring PDR for many repairs, outside of just hail repair

+PDR for Detailers/Auto Spa's

+Upsells are the path to big profits in this business.
+PDR is pure profit and SAI will quickly prepare your staff for quality dent repairs
+PDR helps attract new detail clients and vice versa

At an SAI PDR Training Center You Will Receive:
1) SAI Pretraining Program (Sent in Advance of Class to Prepare Students for the Intense Training)
2) Hands on Training on Sedans, Trucks, SUV's, Luxury, Aluminum & HSS.
3) Small Class Sizes-3 students per class or less guaranteed.
4) PDR Training in Natural Lighting.
5) Extra Large Dent Repair Training (BDR).
6) Students Will Repair Actual Customer Vehicles For Skill & Confidence Building.
7) PDR Instructor Demonstrations

8) Brian Jump/SAI Proprietary PDR 2.0 Method (Non disclosure agreement required).
9) Brian Jump personally conducts training on all classes.
10)Free Advanced Training Course after 6 Months.

Automotive Reconditioning Programs (great add-on's with PDR)