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Superior Auto Institute was found by our President and Lead PDR Technician Brian Jump. After many years in the automotive reconditioning indusrty, Brian has taken his real world skill and produced a one on one training program that is superior to all other training classes WORLD WIDE!

Thousands of students have graduated with success and working on their own with the help of SAI certified and trained technicians. Although SAI holds personal training classes in every field of automotive reconditiong through out the USA, our home and place of birth is in Southern California.

California is the mecca of automotive innovation. Where else is it better to take a one week class but here. Our training is very focused on giving you skills and real work experience that will have you doing professional quality repairs even before you graduate.

Our connections span across the whole automotive industry. So quickly find that you'll be getting the best price for training, information, connections and experience. Why learn on one car, when we offer the chance to work on as many cars as you can handle.


You get what you expect and MORE, or you dont pay. Period.

At Superior, we take pride in our Training. That is why we have such a huge success rate. With only allowing one student in our locations per week, we focus all of our efforts on you, providing a great result- a student who has the skills and knowledge neccessary to venture into the market and start a business, or work for someone else.

We take the risk out of the process- no worries, no headaches. Just a winning combination!

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If you are looking for a great Paintless Dent Repair school in California, you've found it! We are the best Paintless Dent Repair school in California offering private, one on one classes, great weather, and quality Paintless Dent Repair Training in California!

So, call today for more information about our Paintless Dent Repair Training classes in California, and how our Paintless Dent Repair classes in California can meet your needs and get you the training you deserve today!


Paintless Dent RemovalBrian Jump
Tech Experience: 16 yrs
Specialties: Mastertech/Advanced Training
Hail Team Manager, Lead Tech

Brian Jump is a pioneer in the field of Paintless Dent Repair. He literally invented gluepulling long before it was fashionable to remove large dents in unforgiving locations, as well as hail damage in double metal access areas.

Brian currently lives in Southern California with
his wife and three children.


Paintless Dent RemovalKevin Woods
Kevin Woods has been a trainer for Superior for
over 7 years, and is a former student.

Kevin enjoys taking students from newbie status
all the way to successful dent entreprenuers, and
has trained internationally for clients such as Manheim Auctions, Budget Rent a Car and many more.

Kevin currently lives in Baltimore, in Cecil
County, MD with his wife and two daughters.


Paintless Dent RemovalAngelo Isidore
Angelo is a former student and Car Detailing center owner just outside of NYC. Angelo is an accomplished Painter and PDR Tech and loves to assist people with learning the secrets of Reconditioning.



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