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Paintless Dent Repair


NOW an Approved Paintless Dent Repair School by the B.P.P.V.E (Bureau for Private Postesecondary and Vocational Education)

If you are working through a counselor for WIA, Rehab, JTPA, or any other Federally funded re-education program we urge you to contact us..we can help!

We are the only PDR and Auto Reconditioning School that provides multi-location training, and one of two schools in existence that is approved by the BPPVE.

What does this certification mean to you? With this certification we have been evaluated by the State of California.

State Approved PDR School Certification # 3014061

The State of California has reviewed our curriculums, class materials and conducted thorough evaluations of our course inclusions and business practices. Superior Auto Institute has received a temporary approval to operate from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education ("Bureau"). A temporary approval is merely an interim designation the Bureau can authorize pending a qualitative review and assessment of the institution. At the time it is issued, the Bureau has not yet conducted a site visit. It is issued if the Bureau determines the institution's operational plan satisfies the minimum standards listed in Education Code Sections 94900(a) or 94915 (a) and (b), whichever is applicable. The temporary approval will remain in effect for at least 90 days, but not more than 360 days in order to enable the Bureau to conduct the site visit and inspection of the institution. After that visit, the Bureau will then determine whether the institution should be approved on a permanent basis .



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