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bumper repairThe Bumper Repair Industry is a huge market with massive profit potential. In addition to cars you can also renew motorcycles, rv's, trucks and more. You can save someone the cost of a repaint in just minutes. Virtually every car has an scratch, nick or chip. Paint Repair, when coupled with PDR or by itself is an excellent way to design a profitable business. With our Professional Training and the SUPERIOR Bumper Repair Systems, you can take advantage of this huge market immediately.

Bumper Repair | TRAINING

If you elect our one on one training, our instructors will walk you through the Bumper Repair Process,step by step, from repairing small scratches to hood chips and more. You'll learn all the commercial tricks and shortcuts from a company that not only sells the systems, but provides paint service for local dealers and more.

Bumper REPAIR |Bumper Repair Training

How is it legal to paint on the spot?

We a have just finished developing a LEGAL, mobile paint system for Bumper and spot painting. This is the only system on the market that is AQMD legal outside of a spraybooth! Dont get busted- Call today for details...

What can I expect from the Superior Bumper Repair System?

The SUPERIOR Paint Repair Systems beat all other paint touch up systems by not only repairing the paint blemish, but by eliminating it. Our special process helps hide the chip, scratch or blemish instead of just covering it up with paint. SOURCE:

Average gross income per Bumper repair $125
Average time per repair 20 - 45 mins.
Average number of repairs per Day 4
Average gross income per workday $500
Average gross income per week (based on 5 days) $2500
Average gross income per year (based on 52 weeks) $130000


You will learn to Repair:

* Chips, scratches, rust, gouges, scuffs and more
* Paint matching
* Surface prep
* Equipment usage
* Product Safety
* Wet sanding techniques
* Paint polishing
* Superior Commercial Bumper Paint Method
* Brush vs. airbrush
* Clearcoat application
* Wiper blackout
* Instructor Demonstrations of various damage repair techniques
* Pearl and Metallic Matching
* Abrasives selection
* Brush Technique
* Dominating Paint Techniques
* Bumper Dents

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