SAI’s New Secret Big Dent Weapon Tool: The Dent Smasher | SAI PDR Training

At SAI PDR Training, we do things a little Differently.


1) We get bored with little baby dents.

2) We like challenges.

3) We like to see people get BLOWN away.  There’s nothing better than witnessing the sheer amazement when people assume their vehicle is doomed for the paint shop and we yank them back to earth and save their car from certain devaluation doom (not to mention often saving them $1000’s).

The SAI Dent Smasher. A literal Game Changer.

We knew years ago that pushing large dents with a small tip was a recipe for time wasting and massive texturing in most repairs.  Dent Repairs do NOT need to be textured/prickly IF proper steps are put into play.

The Idea: Use Battery or Air power with a large head/tip to move alot of metal with less physical effort to 1) Minimize pin pricks normally made with PDR rods, and 2) Move more metal quickly to drastically reduce time necessary to sculpt out big dents.

Net result: Big money dents finished in a fraction of the time normally required for traditional PDR rod pushing, AND with much improved quality.

DentSmasher Video


  1. Large access. Fenders, quarter panels and other open panel areas.
  2. Heat. Large amounts of heat (preferably from inside and out but not required) help the metal move better and release memory.
  3. Remove crowns. Removing crowns before or during repair helps release tension and memory and speeds removal.
  4. Deep crease can be removed using smasher tool- but a smaller tip is recommended (Several tips are included)

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About Brian Jump | SAI President
Brian Jump is one of the most popular PDR Trainers in the world, having trained over 1000 PDR students.  He trained BMW, Rolls Royce and Ferrari Factory staff in PDR.  Feel free to text Brian a message here.