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Motorcycles- ton’s on the road, and man oh man do they cost a pretty penny.

Have you looked at the average price of a Harley Davidson in 2018? How about a Ducati? Even Honda’s and Kawasaki’s are big money now.  And that means value- value for the owner, and the desire to maintain that value.

We at Superior Auto Institute include 5 Motorcycle PDR tools in our student sets. Why? Because motorcycle PDR is simply money, and there is very little competition.

An average Paint job on a motorcycle tank is $500+ and with a $125-200 PDR as an alternative, it’s a no brainer.

Motorcycle PDR Tools
Motorcycle PDR

Most motorcycle PDR’s are done through the gas door filler area, but sometimes we glue pull or go thru the petcock. We will go over this at the request of the student during their training.

Motorcycle PDR Class
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Brian Jump is one of the most popular PDR Trainers in the world, having trained over 1000 PDR students.  He trained BMW, Rolls Royce and Ferrari Factory staff in PDR.  Feel free to text Brian a message here.